Air Intakes

Vehicle's performance starts with proper maintenance. If you crave to squeeze every bit of power from your engine then you need to install custom air intake system. Air intake system fills the combustion chamber with colder, denser air enriched with oxygen, what makes the fuel burn efficiently producing more power from the same amount of burnt fuel. Being an essential upgrade air intake is one of the easiest additions to install. Using a common socket set and a couple of screwdrivers, and in a half an hour time, you will have your intake in place ready to work.

Air Intakes

All air intakes feature air intake replacement filters. They are designed to trap dirt, dust, and other particles to provide the performance and protection of your engine without sacrificing airflow. Featuring the innovative technology, aftermarket filters offer up to 50 per cent better flow than paper element filters. The washable and reusable accessories need to be cleaned every 30,000-50,000 miles. They are custom-designed to fit the vehicle perfectly.

Air Intakes Brands

The engine performance relies on the mixture of the fuel with air mixture in the combustion chamber. In the original intake the air is drawn through the intake tube and the air box to the engine. Automakers design their intake systems to be as quiet as possible. Reduced engine noise is a benefit though it results in a reduced volume of the air delivered to the combustion chamber. The stock air box is confined in the engine compartment, that is why the air is usually hot when it is taken in. Hot air taken from the engine compartment mixed with fuel burns less efficient, that the cold air which comes through the custom intake system.

Custom air intake systems solve all these problems at once. When the intake system is installed, the air box as a rule is relocated and that is why air intake sucks in cold air. Custom air intake system has a wider pipe that has several bends, that is why higher volumes of air pass easily filling the combustion chamber with dense, oxygen-rich air. Having more air the fuel burns more efficiently, that is why from the same amount of burnt fuel you can easily get more power.

Recharge Kits

Recharger kits are created to make your air filter work at its best. The filter protects the engine from the dust and small particles while tapping all this dirt. Under normal driving conditions the filter needs to be cleaned somewhere between 30,000 and 50,000 miles. Using the recharge kit you can easily oil the cotton-gauze medium and you are ready to roll.

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