AEM Air Filter for 2010 KIA RIO

AEM Air Filter

AEM is known to be the leader in the auto market that produces performance air intake systems and performance chips. Its most popular products are cold air induction systems, short ram air intakes, Brute Force air intakes, hybrid air intakes, and electronically tuned intake (ETI) systems to name a few.

A cold air intakes relocate the filter outside the engine's compartment delivering cool air to the power unit. Cool air is denser and has more oxygen, it means that the intense airflow allows the engine to produce more horsepower and torque. Thanks to the unique design, diameter, and length of the air intake's tube, your vehicle's engine receives more air, allowing to deliver large power gains. All AEM cold air systems include a Dryflow synthetic air filter. Utilizing the advanced technology, the cleanable filter has better filtration and dust trapping capabilities compared to other aftermarket filters. It features a unique non-woven filter media and doesn't need oil.

The Brute Force air intakes are designed and dyno-tested for late model fuel-injected muscle cars, popular trucks, and SUVs to add more horsepower and torque for large displacement power units. Designed to carry more air into the intake valves, the filter draws air from the coolest location and has a stainless steel powder-coated heat shield to protect the filter from dirt and engine's heat. AEM testing shows that Brute Force air intakes are of the high quality, as they give more horsepower and torque providing perfect filtration due to Dryflow synthetic air filter. Such Brute Force air intakes are also available for diesel applications. They feature the massive Dryflow air filter that doesn't need oil to trap dirt.

AEM short ram air intakes are manufactured as the alternative to cold air intake systems. They deliver performance as well as value, and ease of installation in the coolest area of the engine's compartment.

Dual chamber air intakes feature dual chamber design, the use of two different in length and diameters tubes. Such design allows the engine to produce more horsepower and torque than cold air intakes.

The most advanced engineering technology is used to create the electronically tuned intake system. A fully integrated design coupled with an electronically tuned intake module don't require changes of an air intake's tube diameter, as the tube crosses the Mass Airflow(MAF) sensor. MAF is electronically tuned to read proper air density. The result is increased horsepower and torque.

FYI, the mass air flow sensor is used to measure the mass of air that enters a fuel-injected internal combustion engine. It is necessary for the ECU (engine control unit) to control and deliver the correct fuel mass to the power unit.

The last but not least, hybrid air intakes are designed specifically for Acura and Honda vehicles. They fit these vehicles with engine swaps perfectly and require no additional modifications. These hybrid intakes are for off-road use only.

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