BBK Air Intake for 2010 KIA RIO

BBK Air Filter

Install the direct replacement cold air kit by BBK Performance and add from 10 to 15 horsepower as well as get improved throttle response in minutes. The kit includes cast aluminum inlet tube, which is powder-coated with titanium silver/charcoal metallic/polished finish. Plus custom integral mass air housing.


  • Bolt-on design
  • Engine power and torque increase
  • High flow washable cotton element filter
  • CAD design for premium performance and precise fit

Cold air intake kit by BBK Performance brings down the temperature of the air, flowing into the engine. Cold airflow increases the power of the engine. More oxygen in the air flow, which goes into an engine, results in more powerful combustion. One more benefit of the cold air kit by BBK Performance is bolt-on design, which allows to easily bolt on the intake and enjoy the extra power. BBK cold air intake is one of the most popular products as it is able to provide the extra horsepower and torque, along with better throttle response. The BBK performance air intake system includes a high flow washable cotton element filter, which is CAD designed to ensure optimum airflow and premium performance, and precise fit as well. Increase engine efficiency and power of your car with the help of Cold Air Intake kit by BBK Performance.

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