Injen Air Intake for 2010 KIA RIO

Injen Air Filter

Engineered to achieve up to 16,3 more horsepower and 16 ft. lbs of torque, PF Series Cold Air Intake System by Injen® features Mega Ram(MR) Technology that gives maximum power and torque, providing safe Fuel/Air ratio. Equipped with AMSOL Ea Air Filters that are engineered using Nanofiber Technology, this performance intake gives your engine maximum performance.


  • Custom-designed to fit your vehicle perfectly
  • Features Mega Ram (MR) innovative technology for better performance
  • Comes with high-flow air filter that protects the engine from dirt
  • Available in polished and powder-coated finishes
  • Increases performance up to 30 bhp
  • 50 state street legal
  • Backed by Injen's Lifetime Warranty

Injen Powerflow Series Cold Air Intake System. If you have a muscle car, truck, or SUV, surely you want to make some performance modifications. You are likely to know about the variety of ways how to upgrade you vehicle in order to boost horsepower and torque. All performance products offer the same price, performance, and quality, but not all in one product. Injen cold air intakes are what you are looking for. These aftermarket accessories are designed to give more relatively cold and dense air to your car's engine to receive maximum horsepower and torque.

Ram and cold air intakes are popular among street and race cars as they give an essential performance boost with little efforts. The Injen company can offer its customers air intakes to fit almost all today's muscle cars, trucks, and SUVs to please any consumer with high-quality products.

The Mega Ram Technology is the patent-pending method based on the regulation of airflow at certain strategic points, controlling its density and rate. Late model cars have sensitive original air/fuel ratios that are calculated by sensors. Installing a new air intake system, you need to calibrate MAF sensors to receive proper air/fuel ratio not to influence the precision of the MAF sensor dimensions. The MR technology was elaborated to compensate the vast changes in technology protecting the MAF sensors to ensure reliable, safe gains in power and torque.

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