Weapon R Air Filter for 2010 KIA RIO

Weapon-R Air Filter

One of the top-rated air filters is universal Dragon Air Filter by Weapon-R®. The maximum air flow is ensured by the filter's polyurethane foam design. Air filter is available in different colors: blue, red and classic black.

Dragon Air Filter represents the combination of the performance and style. It is designed to increase air flow to the engine of the vehicle. Compared with other traditional air filters, the Dragon Air Filter feeds greatly more airflow. It is up to 80% more effective than other cotton filters. Dragon Air Filter features a high quality dense polyurethane foam structure to ensure maximum airflow and protection. The filtering element can be easily disassembled for cleaning, if required. The filtering element is available in different colors and can be changed according to the customer's style. Flow bench-tested velocity stack improves engine performance. Any intake system can be converted into a Ram air intake by means of WR Ram Air Kit. All components of the Ram air kit are computer designed. Produced from a high temperature resistant plastic, they resist heat soak, which reduces the engine's horsepower.

The installation of this unit is quite simple. Connect the hose to the top of the air filter, then mount the velocity stack in the grill's lower part and attach the hose. There are special adapters available in different colors and offered as an option to the Dragon filter.

Dragon Filter Heat Shield. You can complete the intake system with Dragon filter heat shield. Designed to completely shield the filter from any heat, this shield helps to create additional horsepower. It is simple to install, just bolt it directly to the top of the Dragon air filter. To achieve an enclosed direct Cold Ram air charge to the engine, attach the hose from the Ram air kit to the top of the shield. Produced from heat resistant plastic, this Dragon filter heat shield resists any heat soak, which may occur in every day driving.

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