Air Intakes Brands

The easiest and most affordable way to maximize your vehicle's performance is to increase the speed of the air that enters the engine. To do this, you need to replace OEM air filter with performance air intake system. There are a lot of brands on the market that you can choose to add your car's powerunit more horsepower.


AEM - Air Intakes

The company was founded in 1987 by John Concialdi (J.C.) and Bob Sullivan with the main office located in Compton, California. It was a tuning shop of servicing vintage vehicles and the latest racing modified import cars.


Airaid - Air Intakes

AirAid is the trusted name in the aftermarket industry when it comes to air intake systems. Founded in 1997, the first production lineup of the company was intended for sport utility vehicle and light trucks. The ongoing profit growth has proved the customers satisfaction.


BBK - Air Intakes

BBK Performance has been a leader in production of performance parts and accessories for EFI (Electronic Fuel Injected ) vehicles. Founded in 1988, the California company persists to lead the industry of aftermarket parts.


Injen - Air Intakes

Injen Technology Co. Ltd has been in automotive industry for over a decade with the main office located in California, a few miles away from Pomona Winter Nationals Top Fuel Raceway. Injen together with RD Metal Works played the main role in design...


K&N® - Air Intakes

K&N air intake system is the best money investment you can do to increase your horsepowers. K&N started producing air intakes in 1992. Since then the manufacturing process has evolved greatly. K&N currently produces over 500 variations of air intakes, that will fit almost any vehicle.


Volant - Air Intakes

Volant is one of the major manufactures of cool air intake systems. The company was found in 1995. Since that time Volant is on the cutting edge of air-intake system development. With strong commitment to quality and innovations, Volant has raised the bar with its industry firsts.

Weapon R

Weapon R - Air Intakes

All Weapon-R intake systems are known to be the most highly rated systems in the world. Weapon-R products are carefully designed using the latest computer simulation and modeling techniques, followed by extensive dyno testing.

Weapon R

Delphi - Air Intakes

Delphi Automotive PLC is one of the world's biggest automobile components manufacturer and supplier of automotive technologies with more than 115 years of experience. First Delphi antecedent was found in 1888 and called ...

Offered by such popular brands as Airaid, BBK, AEM, Injen, K&N, Volant, and Weapon, air intakes come in the variety of materials, designs, and shapes. These products are guaranteed to be of the high quality. Decide which air intake you want to have on your vehicle. Installing this accessory you'll get additional horsepower and torque.

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