BBK Performance Cold Air Intake Replacement Filters

BBK Universal

Universal Replacement Air Intake Filter by BBK Performance®. BBK high flow washable cotton element air filter is available separately for replacement on BBK cold-air systems or for custom air intake applications. It is washable and offers up to 50% better flow than paper element filters.

BBK Performance

BBK Performance offers the variety of products aimed at precision performance tuning. Offering a wide range of products from bushing kits, engine harness to exhaust, intake and suspension upgrade kits to bring your ride to the new level of control and performance. Thoroughly engineered upgrades will eliminate the OEM drawbacks with better engineering, better materials and years of experience and research since 1988.

Available Dimensions of BBK Replacment Air Filters:

Part # Filter Type Base Diameter Inlet Diameter Used with BBK CAI Systems
BBK-1740 Cone 5" 3 1/2" BBK-1713, BBK-17130, BBK-1717, BBK-1718, BBK-1719, BBK-1725, BBK-1735
BBK-1741 Oval 5 1/2" 3 1/2" BBK-1557, BBK-1712
BBK-1742 Cone 9" 3 1/2" BBK-1556, BBK-1720, BBK-1734, BBK-1736, BBK-17360, BBK-17365 BBK-1737, BBK-1742, BBK-1748
BBK-1746 Oval 9" 3 3/4" BBK-1726, BBK-17260
C-5 Corvette CAI
BBK-1774 Cone 9" 4" BBK-1771

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