Airaid Air Intake


AirAid is the trusted name in the aftermarket industry when it comes to air intake systems. Founded in 1997, the first production lineup of the company was intended for sport utility vehicle and light trucks. The ongoing profit growth has proved the customers satisfaction. The truly superior performance and durability of each product, manufactured by AirAid, has gained the popularity among owners of petroleum- and diesel-powered vehicles. The product range of the company features a complete line of PowerAid throttle body spacers, OEM replacement filters and AirAid intake systems.

Today AirAid is an apparent leader in performance parts market. The company uses the computer-aided design to ensure the high performance and precise fit of its products. Every air intake system is tested on the AirAid® Mustang Dynamometer to measure average horsepower at the rear wheels. Thus you can be sure every air intake system, made by AirAid, produce noticeable increase in horsepower.

Each AirAid premium filter is crafted using the top-notch materials and SynthaFlow filtration technology that is developed to ensure the possible highest filtration without interfering into the airflow. AirAid premium filters are designed with multiple layers of cotton gauze to capture the smallest dirt particles that traditional filter can not trap. SynthaMax is another variation of air intake systems, produced by AirAid filter company. First pioneered in 2002, the modern SynthaMax is the next generation of high-tech air filters that provide the unrivaled filtration. They are manufactured of 100% synthetic and requires no oiling. Moreover, these filters can be easily cleaned, as they are washable. PowerAid Throttle Body Spacers are custom-made for precise fit and tremendous performance. They are designed to improve low-end torque anf throttle response as well as to increase fuel efficiency. AirAid uses the premium grade T6 billet aluminum in production of PowerAids. The installation of the device is easy with no drilling or cutting required.

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