BBK Air Intake


BBK Performance has been a leader in production of performance parts and accessories for EFI (Electronic Fuel Injected ) vehicles. Founded in 1988, the California company persists to lead the industry of aftermarket parts. Almost 20 years of design and engineering experience as well as the state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment are used by BBK team of engineers to ensure famous OEM quality and premium performance. The engineering staff uses the latest technologies including computer scan tube technology and the dynotesting facility to ensure the top quality at every stage of production. Each product is to pass the dyno-testing as well as drivability tests to meet high quality standards.

BBK Performance was the first to introduce the range of performance throttle bodies as well as all-new "DSI-series" dual runner length intake manifolds. Nowadays, the range of the BBK products include cold-air intake systems, exhaust headers and pipes, fuel system components, throttle bodies, mass air meters, intake manifolds and more. One of the most popular products is BBK cold air intake that is able to provide the extra horsepower and torque. Each BBK cold air intake system is engineered to exceed in quality that one of the OEM manufacturer and to provide a direst bolt on installation that does not required any modifications. One of the advantages of this cold air intake is its design, which let easily bolt on the intake and enjoy the extra power. All the Performance parts by BBK are designed for direct bolt on installation. All the necessary hardware as well as the gaskets along with detailed installation instruction are included. The company targets to make the installation experience to be as enjoyable as the driving experience.

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