Delphi Automotive

Delphi automotive

Delphi Automotive PLC is one of the world's biggest automobile components manufacturer and supplier of automotive technologies with more than 115 years of experience.

Delphi History

First Delphi antecedent was found in 1888 and called New Departure Bell Company. First company produces doorbell-ringing devices but in 1897 its innovation talent was extended to transport. First innovation in this area was bicycle coaster brake.

Later other Delphi predecessors made such outstanding inventions as self-starting engine (1912), the first car radio (1936), safety power steering (1951), auto air conditioning (1954), the first airbag system (1973) and rack and pinion steering (1974).

In 1991 General Motors created Automotive Components Group (ACG) from its many separate parts operations (about 200 plants). Despite good sales ($19.3 billion) ACG suffered significant losses. That's why new managers were hired next year. New CEO led the restructuring, persuaded GM superiors to move the headquarters to the Detroit suburbs. And in January 1995 ACG got a new name - Delphi Automotive.

Delphi auto parts

Delphi Today

Today there are 270 Delphi's locations and 24 engineering centers in 32 countries around the globe. About 100,000 employees work for a company. That's why Delphi continue to bring innovations to a big variety of services and products which increase their power and efficiency and make them smarter and safer at the same time.

A wide number of high quality products for diesel-, gasoline-, and hybrid-powered vehicles, including MAF sensors, replacement air intake parts and much more, allows Delphi to meet the needs of consumers and technicians as well. The great experience combined with a permanent commitment to innovations is the reason why today Delphi is one of the world's biggest manufacturers of automotive OEM and aftermarket components.

It is recommended to purchase Delphi's products from authorized dealers to avoid fakes and receive official warranty. It doesn't matter if you are an ordinary driver or a technician, you can find a wide number of Delphi's products on virtual shelves of CARiD . With this type of purchasing you will be sure that your Delphi's product is original and has all its great features.

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