Volant Air Intake


Volant is one of the major manufactures of cool air intake systems. The company was found in 1995. Since that time Volant is on the cutting edge of air-intake system development. With strong commitment to quality and innovations, Volant has raised the bar with its industry firsts. The engineering team of Volant was the first to develop and produce a sealed air filter box, which works as a strong barrier, preventing dirt and moisture to get into the air filter. The list of Volant's innovations includes air-scoop, which improves fuel efficiency and performance. It was the first company that started to use high-temperature, silicone sleeves and couplers.

A vehicle engine is a complex unit that should be handled carefully. Volant knows how to release the engine power, increase torque and reduce fuel consumption in a safe manner. With cool air intake systems, manufactured by Volant, your engine will serve the lifetime of your vehicle. Volant is the second-to-none in production of gas and diesel intake systems, exhausts, headers, scoops, filters. The ongoing improvements, painstaking researches and testing, applied by Volant, are aimed at manufacturing the automotive products that will satisfy the needs of every customer.

Even better still, the company provides most cars, trucks and SUVs with a choice of performance filter. You can choose the original high-grade cotton-gauze filter that features high performance and can be reoiled every 35,000 - 50,000 miles. The broad product range of Volant includes recharger kit that is designed to clean and recharge the cotton-gauze filters. For those you need their filter to have long service life without oiling, Volant offers its innovative oil-free PowerCore air filter. PowerCore Technology is a unique solution, developed by Donaldson. Top-notch synthetic material is used for filters manufacturing. This air intake system will work for 4years that is equal to 100,000 miles in terms of a distance. The filtration is significantly improved and there is no necessity to recharge the filter.

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