Cold Air Intake

Cold Air Intake

A cold air intake is the aftermarket construction that is used to bring the cool air into a car's internal combustion engine. This system takes the air charge from outside of the engine's compartment, regulating the temperature of air that enters the engine's intake tract. Supplying warm air when the engine is cold and relatively cold air when the powerunit is warm, the performance system increases performance, fuel economy, and efficiency. Having higher density, the cold air contains more oxygen compared to warmer air, thus allowing the engine to breath better. Thanks to such aftermarket performance products, your vehicle's engine will be able to generate more power with a minimal efforts.

Cold air intake systems are available in many different styles and can be manufactured from plastic, silicon, metal, or such composite materials as carbon fiber or fiberglass. The most basic air intakes consist of a short plastic or metal tube that leads to a conical air filter. The most efficient performance systems feature an airbox sized to complement the powerplant and enhance the engine's performance. Some air intake systems have heat shields designed to isolate the filter from the engine compartment, supplying cooler air from the side or the front of the engine bay. Another type of the cold air intake systems called ''fender mount''. It consists of a washable high-flow air filter and intake tube. Located in the fender, it provides denser and cooler intake charge drawing air through the fender wall. Aftermarket cold air intakes provide more direct route to the engine giving your vehicle better performance.

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