The Aluminum quadrant supplied with the kit is not specifically designed with any sort of recess or hook-up for the return spring from the stock quadrant...

BBK Inside

There is the motto of the BBK Performance - Why follow when you can lead! Founded in 1988, the California company persists to lead the industry of aftermarket parts being the leader...


K&N filters are less restrictive than disposable paper or synthetic air filters and K&N Intake Systems are less restrictive than the factory installed air path. So K&N filter technology could be an important tool, when combined with other elements...

K&N Warranty

K&N O/E Replacement Air Filters and Air Intake Systems purchased from Authorized Dealers are backed by a Million Mile Limited Warranty when used primarily on paved roads and on vehicles for which they were designed.

K&N Gallery

Here you can find the examples of race cars, motorbikes, and ordinary vehicles with aftermarket performance air intake installed. No matter what car you have, the air intake system will maximize your car's performance.

K&N Claening

Every air filter, produced by K&N, is offered already with the applied oil to enhance your engine performance and to increase mileage. Oil plays an important role in the a filter performance.

INJEN Cleaning

AMSOIL Ea Air/Injen filters have a four years warranty or 100,000 miles. The warranty applies only if the air filter has been serving according to AMSOIL/Injen recommendations.

INJEN Shields

Aircraft quality aluminum heat shield that encompasses the filter and reflects radiant heat from the air filter. With the Injen heat shield your filter will pull in even cooler, denser air, resulting in more horsepower gains.

Different Types of Air Intakes

Cold Air Intake

A cold air intake is the aftermarket construction that is used to bring the cool air into a car's internal combustion engine.

Ram Air Intakes

A ram air intake is the special intake manifold system, which uses the dynamic air pressure created by the car motion to enlarge...

Warm Air Intakes

Warm intake is a system which lessens the amount of the cold air which gets into the engine. This is done to increase fuel economy.

Intake Manifolds

Intake manifold is designed to supply the air & fuel mixture to the engine's cylinders. The intake manifold is also known as inlet manifold.

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