Injen Cleaning

EA Nanofiber filter cleaning procedure

Step 1

1. These filters should be cleaned every 20,000 miles. It is not allowed to use petroleum products as they can destroy the fibers and bonding elements of the filter. Carefully remove the filter from the housing.

Step 2

2. Use a shop towel to clean the housing, but be careful not to clog contaminants up into air inlet.

Step 3

3. Gently pat the filter's top with your hand to remove larger debris from the filter.

Step 4

4. It can also be cleaned on the dirty side with vacuum.

Step 5

5. You can use an air compressor as an alternative to vacuum. The air pressure should be between 15 and 20 psi.

Step 6

6. Holding the air filter in one hand, blow carefully on clean side of the filter at 45 degree angle using the low pressure shop air.

Service Life

AMSOIL Ea Air/Injen filters have a four years warranty or 100,000 miles. The warranty applies only if the air filter has been serving according to AMSOIL/Injen recommendations. For off-road, severe duty or dusty applications, it is necessary to clean and change the air filter more frequent as indicated by air filter restriction gauge or determined by operating conditions.

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