Injen Universal Air Intake Filter Replacement

Injen Air Filter Filter Dimension

Universal Replacement Air Intake Filter by Injen®. This filter will replace your worn-out performance filter. Built with surgical cotton gauze, the Injen filter elements are specifically built for chosen applications based on dimensions, pleat and flow rate. This is highly crucial to provide your engine with optimal performance gains. The built in velocity stack speeds up the airflow and removes the turbulence. The filter is available in different sizes of top and base parts, height and inlet and the chart below will help you make the right choice from the filters we offer.

Replace the filter on your Injen or other brand air intake with the power of a new Injen Replacement Air Intake Filter. Premium 4-layer cotton gauze filtration. Built-in velocity stack design for smoother flow. Washable and reusable.

Available Dimensions of Injen® Air Filters:

Part# Inlet Base Height Top
INJ-X-1010-BR (40 Pleat) 2.75" 5" 5" 4"
INJ-X-1011-BR (40 Pleat) 3" 5" 5" 4"
INJ-X-1012-BR 2.5" 6" 5" 5"
INJ-X-1013-BR 2.75" 6" 5" 5"
INJ-X-1014-BR 3" 6" 5" 5"
INJ-X-1015-BR 3.5" 6.75" 5" 5"
INJ-X-1017-BR (45 Pleat) 3" 6" 5" 4"
INJ-X-1018-BR 4.5" 6.75" 5" 5"
INJ-X-1020-BR 3" 5" 4.875" 4"
INJ-X-1021-BR 3.5" 6" 6.875" 5.5"
INJ-X-1022-BR 5" 6.5" 8" 5.5"
  • Four layers of dirt-trapping for maximum performance.
  • Premium cotton-gauze construction.
  • Urethane top and base eliminates heat soak.
  • Built in velocity stack reduces turbulance and provides smooth air flow.
  • Fully washable.
  • Pre oiled and ready to use.
  • Easily installs onto intake tube.

The top performance gains are achieved combinig Injen replacement filter with an air intake kit from one of Injen's air intake kits series. Want to use your current air intake system? No problem, just measure the dimensions and fitment of your intake system and order the same sized replacement. Injen replacement filters come pre-oiled and ready to use. Do not forget that is is fully re-useable, washable and re-chargeable with oil, so it will last you a lifetime being cared of properly. You will find Injen filter re-charge kits also available on our website.

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