Intake Manifolds

Intake Manifold

Intake manifold is designed to supply the air & fuel mixture to the engine's cylinders. The intake manifold is also known as inlet manifold. The main function of the inlet manifold is to distribute the combustion mixture to every port in the cylinder head. It is important to evently distribute the mixture in order to achieve the optimized fuel-efficiency and engine performance. The pistons downward movement and caused by the throttle valve restriction can create a partial vacuum in the intake manifold. The substantial vacuum can be utilized as a source of the vehicle ancillary power, which is used to drive the following auxiliary systems: emission control devices, ignition advance, cruise control, power assisted brakes,power windows, ventilation system valves windshield wipers,etc.

The main role in the engine system takes the intake manifold. It includes a series of tubes, which are connected to the several parts of the engine and carburetor. The inlet manifold contributes to the optimal fuel and air mixture distribution. The intake manifold is considered to be well-designed if the engine gets hold the optimal mixture, which is neither too rich or too lean. The right mixture ensures proper combustion. Uneven distribution of the fuel and air mixture results to an unsuccessful combustion and respectively to low or no horsepower production. In view of the above, it is obvious that the well-designed intake manifold is very important for the engine system as well as for an efficient operation of the vehicle.

The intake manifolds are manufactured from the aluminum or cast iron. In the inlet manifold production, the aluminum is widely used due to its high durability, strength and corrosion resistance. Plus, the aluminum ductility let forge or hammer it in required forms and shapes. The composite plastic is one more material used in the intake manifold production. This material is gaining popularity due to following benefits: lightweight, high strength, elastic, corrosion and chemical resistance. Fortunately, today there are a lot of stylish aftermarket intake manifolds available in the different designs and styles, variety of materials and finishes to fit your needs. Produced by the famous manufacturers, the aftermarket intake manifolds meet the high quality standards and ensure the reliable performance.

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