Kn Claening

Every air filter, produced by K&N, is offered already with the applied oil to enhance your engine performance and to increase mileage. Oil plays an important role in the a filter performance. K&N makes their filters with up to 6 layers of high-quality cotton gauze that provides high volumes of air to engine, while oil, applied to the filter surface, ensures a perfect filtering media. As estimated, The frequency of checking an air filter depends on the driving conditions. Normally it is necessary to check, clean and re-oil a filter after every 50,000 miles. The cleaning procedure is simple as require minimum time and efforts. Every kit has the relevant easy-to-read instructions.

Step 1. To apply cleaner

Dismantle a filter from air intake system. Use soft bristled brush to dislodge dirt and any big chunks, embedded into filter surface. Don't hurry, be careful not to damage the cotton fibers. Then it is necessary to spray cleaning liquid, made by K&N, onto your air filter. Each of filter's pleats should be liberally sprayed. After you cover the filter's surface with special liquid, leave it to soak. It will take approximately 20 minutes.

Step 2. To rinse filter

Use water to rinse a filter. You should use only low pressure water. No high pressure car wash is allowed, as this may damage the element. In order not to drive dirt into the filter, it is necessary to flush the element from its clean side to dirty one. Shake the filter off to liquidate water.

Step 3. To dry filter

Once your filter is flushed, you should dry it using the natural air. Pay attention, compressed air, open flame and heat dryers are prohibited. Using this options may cause damage to the gentle filter cotton.

Step 4. To oil filter

K&N offers two variations of oiling. You may use either a 6.5 oz spray oil or 8 oz squeeze oil. Both options are specially formulated to oil any K&N air filter for high performance. Oil should be applied evenly on the filter's pleats. Soaking will take approximately 20 minutes. You should check the surface of the pleats once again to determine whether any area remained without oil. If yes, please, oil those areas and wait until the oil is soaked. It is forbidden to use the air filter without oil as it is one of the main elements, applied for proper filtering.

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