Ram Air Intakes

Ram Air Intake

A ram air intake is the special intake manifold system, which uses the dynamic air pressure created by the car motion to enlarge the static air pressure inside the intake manifold on a powerunit increasing the power of the engine. It ensures more combustible air for the engine than ordinary manifold system. Due to simple design, the ram system transfers cool outside air to the combustion chamber of the engine's motor. Increasing the vehicle's speed, more air comes to the hood scoop area. When the vehicle slows down, the decreased air flow reduces horsepower of the powerunit.

Many vehicles have ground-level ram air intake systems. They are built into the front of the car delivering air into the engine through special large hoses connected to the intake manifold. Short ram air intakes are also available on the air intakes market. They are designed as an alternative to a cold air intake system. The difference between them is that ram air intake installs under the hood drawing hotter air from the engine compartment.

Most off-road vehicles and performance motorbikes have ram air intake systems. They are usually located on the front of the vehicle, below the handle bars. The intake system sucks air allowing the engine to breath better, at the same time the powerplant generates more power.

The first ram air intake system was introduced on the drag-racing competition in early 1960s. Short time after, the high-performance system was a standard feature on almost all American vehicles.

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