BBK PERFORMANCE® Air Filter Recharge Kit

BBK Filter Recharge Kit

The Air Filter Cleaner & Re Oil Kit was designed and produced to ensure the proper state of the air filter, which increases the airflow and engine performance. Air filter is used to prevent dirt and harmful particulates from entering the cylinders of the engine, where they can case deterioration of the engine. The high air quality is of great importance for proper operation of the engine. Passing through the air filter, the power enhancing clean air flow enters the engine and boosts torque and horsepower. The more oxygen gets the engine means the more torque, horsepower and fuel economy. The service life of the air filter is limited. The air filter is to be changed after a certain mileage or period of time. Less air can get through a dirty air filter that results in excessive gasoline use and lower miles per gallon respectively.

Meeting a high quality standards, the BBK air filter is designed to be cleaned as over time it may get dirty. Use the BBK air filter cleaner and re oil kit to clean the filter of your vehicle. Once the dirty air filter is off your car, submerge it in a bucket of water. In order to remove all debris and dirt shake and rotate the filter from side to side. Then, let the filter air dry. When the filter becomes dry, spray the entire filter element with air filter oil from filter cleaner and re oil kit. This special oil is intended for oil filter application and ensures its proper operation. Let the air filter dry to a state when it is not dripping.

It is recommended to clean and re oil the BBK cold air intake filter every 20,000 miles. Using the air cleaner and re oil kits you can restore the filter to a new condition that is less expensive as the filter replacement costs. The BBK air filter cleaner and re oil kit will help you to take proper care of your automobile's air filter. That, in its turn, will lead to miles of trouble free operation.

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