INJEN® Air Filter Recharge Kit

Injen Recharge Kit

It is proven that cotton-gauze air filters flow more air than paper ones do. When cotton filters clog, they limit air flow to the engine what results in the inability of the engine to suck in the needed amount of air into the combustion cambers. That is why it will run rich, meaning too much fuel and not enough air. When this occurs, the car starts to lose power and runs roughly. This is the reason why you need to clean the filters using the recharge kit.

The kit includes the cleaning liquid used to remove the dirt from the filter easily, and the filter oil which needs to be applied after the filter dries. The oil contains a red dye, for you to see how much oil has been applied. When used correctly the cleaner can make your filter serve lifelong.

Injen Air Filter Key Features:

  • Injen Recharge Kit prevents the clogging of your air filter.
  • 2-step process is used to wash off the dirt from the filter.
  • Recharger kit includes a 12 oz. bottle of Air Filter Cleaner and an 11 oz. spray can with Filter Oil, both liquids are fast and easy to apply.
  • Injen Air Filter Recharger Kit is enough to make 7 thorough cleanings.
  • 1 Injen Air Filter Recharger Kit lasts for more than 300,000 miles, that's enough for 14 trips around the Earth's equator.

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