WEAPON-R® Air Filter Recharge Kit

Weapon-r Recharge Kit

Specially created to keep your Weapon-R air filter always clean, this product is able to make the cleaning process as easy as a pie and takes about 1 hour. It is prohibited to use any other cleaning recharge kit for Weapon-R air filters.

Secret Weapon air filter ensures maximum airflow. Available in different sizes, they designed to precisely fit your vehicle. Thanks to dual cage design, the Secret Weapon air filter delivers up to 80% more air to the power unit and greatly transcend dirt filtration standards compared to traditional cotton filters. The performance product is easy to dismantle for cleaning.

Dragon air filter unites both style and performance. Designed to deliver great portions of air to the engine, it increases performance of the power unit. The Dragon air filter is able to trap dirt perfectly. The filter element comes in the variety of colors to choose from.

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