Spectre Performance® - Air Intake Kit

Spectre Performance® - Air Intake Kit

Air Intake Kit by Spectre Performance®. Give your engine a full dose of cool air when it needs it. Replace your restrictive air box and filter element with this polished aluminum tubing and lifetime cleanable low-restriction air filter.

Your engine burns more than gasoline; it burns air and plenty of it: 14.7 lbs. of air for every pound of fuel. The best way to make more power is to get more air into your engine, past your restrictive factory airbox and air cleaner. The OEM air cleaner is built to a price, compromises flow rate for quietness and often deliberately heats up the intake air on the way in. This kit replaces your factory air cleaner with a fat piece of polished aluminum tubing breathing through a colorful, low-restriction cleanable air filter element. By sucking cooler air from a different part of the engine bay, this kit also lowers intake air temperatures for a denser charge. Denser means more power for your engine, while the lowered restriction means more power and better mileage.


  • Designed to give you the greatest horsepower and torque increase
  • 50-State Legal
  • C.A.R.B. exempts E.O. # D-629-3
  • Manufactured from high-quality polished aluminum tubing
  • Powdercoated heat shield prevents hot air from entering the intake inlet
  • Comes complete with a Speed By Spectre™ HPR™ air filter
  • Choice of filter color
  • Engineered for increased flow and greater performance
  • Use P/N HPR4820 AccuCharge™ kit to clean and re-oil the filter
  • All necessary boots, clamps and hardware for OE fit and finish
  • Lifetime Warranty

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